Saturday, May 16, 2009

Innocent Bliss

Growing up in the 1950's, during an era when toys were not mass marketed, and parents were very selective, I have vivid remembrances of my precious childhood dolls.

In my household, we received the bulk of our toys at Christmas. My first dolls were Vogue Dolls: Ginny and Jill.

My love of fashion was definitely a result of the gorgeous clothing that my "girls" wore. Ski and skating outfits, ballet attire, and the classic wedding dress, and the adorable Chinese silk pajamas.

These dolls were a great comfort to me. After an excruciating day with the nuns in grammar school, and even into my first year of high school, I would come home, sit on the edge of my bed, still in school uniform , comb their hair and change their clothes.

After some 55 yrs., I still love dolls, although mine and all their accessories are lovingly packed and are on a shelf in my closet. This brings me to the point of this disclosure, I have just recently discovered a fellow artist online, ZouZou , who makes the most fascinating handmade dolls. Seeing her creations, brought me back to that place, long ago and far away of innocent bliss.

Her dolls are not traditional(for some they may be). Nevertheless, I believe you will see why I simply adore her work. I know that I will be gifting her adorable, fashionable and comforting dolls. Please, take a moment to enjoy her work and the next time you need a baby shower gift or a gift for that special child, go to her shop online :
and purchase one.
* I receive nothing from her sales. I just want you all to have an enjoyable experience. Grace

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A Cranberry Creation said...

Wow, those dolls are beautiful!

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