Monday, June 22, 2009

"A Real Life Angel"

Have you ever had an encounter with an Angel ? I have and Lisa
of Rox and Things is a "Real Life Angel".

Out of the Blue, she appeared just when I needed a helping hand. As the new kid on the block-dazed and confused about all there is to know about running a "successful" online business- there she was up front and center ready to assist me and others in any way she can. Lisa is generous with her time and resources and is quick to see a need and fill it.

It is no wonder why Lisa, owner and creator, of ROX AND THINGS, is selling her "elegant earrings" in her "angelic" Lavender Filled Trinket Boxes.

In addition to all her beautiful and absolutely fashion forward necklaces , bracelets, etc... she provides a personalized gift service and gift certificates. Looking for that special piece of jewelry for your Wedding Day , let, Lisa create a Custom Bridal Design for you and your bride's maids. Vintage redesigns are among her many design offerings. For further details about this extraordinary woman, and her jewelry designs, please, visit her website:
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